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I. Trademark Selection, Protection, and Enforcement

• Conducting trademark clearance and availability searches

• Filing federal, state and foreign trademark applications

• Responding to Office Actions through trademark registration

• Appealing rejections to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

• Prosecuting and defending Opposition and Cancellation actions before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

• Trademark monitoring and portfolio counseling

• Preparation of cease and desist letters

• Litigation of all trademark infringement, unfair competition and dilution claims

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II. Copyright Protection and Enforcement

• Filing copyright applications for computer software, photographs, books, sculptures, and other artistic works

• Registering copyrights with U.S. Customs

• Preparation of work for hire and copyright assignment agreements

• Compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) for all web site operators

• Litigation of all copyright infringement claims

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III. Domain Names and E-Commerce  

• Conducting investigations concerning domain name hijacking and cybersquatting

• Filing and defending domain name disputes

• Preparation of website terms of service, policies and disclaimers

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IV. Licensing and Agreements

• Licensing, distributor, franchise and similar agreements

• Non-disclosure agreements

• Invention assignment agreements and covenants not to compete

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V. Litigation

• Protection of all IP and related rights including actions for trademark and copyright infringement, unfair competition, rights of publicity violations, false advertising, trade secret violations, trademark dilution, and related causes of action

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